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1. How does The Body Crystal™ Deodorants Work?

Body and foot odour is a result of perspiration moisture coming into contact with bacteria on your skin. Sweat itself is a natural process to cool your body which is partly why we should not stop sweating altogether. However problem odour areas develop when the sweat comes into contact with bacteria which causes body odour. By eliminating this bacteria or preventing this bacteria from forming you eliminate body odour.

Quite simply this is how The Body Crystal™ works. The crystal leaves an invisible shield of mineral salts, which stay on the skin and stop odour causing bacteria. It is true odour prevention!. It lets your skin breath and does not inhibit normal perspiration.

2. How long does it last?

Following the simply directions for use below, The Body Crystal™ will provide all day protection from body odour. The Body Crystal™ represents very good value when buying a deodorant. For example, when used as directed, the Crystal Stick will last more than 12 months.

3. Is it an anti-perspirant?

No. Although the active ingredient in The Body Crystal™ deodorants is well documented as an astringent, meaning that it will gently tighten the skin pores with a drying effect, The Body Crystal™ does not inhibit normal perspiration.

Our customers are knowledgable about what they choose to put on their skin and choose not to use aluminium chlorohydrate or aluminium zirconium, which physically blocks or clogs the skins pores to reduce the flow of sweat. This is how antiperspirants work – they prevent the natural sweating process of your body by blocking the sweat glands.

For effective odour control we believe it is not necessary to use an anti-perspirant. In our product, the mineral salts form an invisable surface layer on the skin, destroying odour causing bacteria. It eliminates the odour-causing bacteria, therefore body odour, providing long lasting protection.

4. How is that different from other (scented) deodorants?

Many scented deodorants mask body odour with a strong perfumed scent of its own and use alcohol as an ingredient. Not everyone wants powerfully fragranced scents from their deodorants to cover-up their odour – their want a effective solution for body odour which still lets them choose if their want to use their favourite perfume or aftershave. Many of our customers react to alcohol and many of the other chemicals on their skin.

The Body Crystal™:

  • will not stain or mark clothes
  • is non sticky
  • is mineral salts
  • ideal for sensitive skin and skin easily irritated.
  • contains no Aluminium chlorohydrate / Aluminium chlorohydroxide
  • contains no alcohols, no parabens.
5. How should I use it for best results?

The Body Crystal™ should be applied to clean skin directly after you’ve washed. The bacteria that cause odour have not yet had the chance to form on the skin, and the barrier that our deodorant provides is at its peak effectiveness.

The Body Crystal™ Crystal Stick should be either moistened and applied to clean skin or applied directly to wet skin and allowed to dry. Use the roll-on or liquid spray product as you would any other deodorant product

6. Does it have a shelf life?

Our range of deodorants are based on a mineral salt which is actually self preserving. It will remain equally effective until the bottle is empty or the rock has been used up!

Remember, the Crystal Sticks are water soluble so do not leave your crystal wet and store in a dry environment away from contact with water.

If you believe that your crystal stick is no longer as effective as it once was, try gently rinsing the contact surface with warm water or warm soapy water. This should remove any residues which may have built up over time.

7. Do your products contain aluminium?

Crystal deodorants are made from a mineral salt generally termed alum, which does contain a naturally occuring aluminium salt. Alum is not the same as aluminium, and our products do not contain compounds such as aluminium chlorohydrate or aluminium zirconium compounds found in most anti-perspirants. These amazing mineral salts work effectively to prevent body odour by forming an invisible topical surface film which kills and prevents odour causing bacteria.