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Company History

The Body Crystal™ range which made its debut on the market in 1993, and has since earned itself a reputation as a leader in crystal deodorants. Not only as the best quality supplier of unique crystal deodorants. The company's range of crystal-based products is extensive. Building on the cornerstone of fragrance free rocks, sticks, mists and roll-ons, the range incorporates a number of fragrances and include natural extracts like Aloe Vera.

The companies' strengths lie in its ability to produce the finest quality crystal deodorant products at very affordable prices, combined with its vast range of consumer solutions to personal hygiene. These aspects continue to increase its expansion through sheer popularity.

We are positioned as one of Australia's largest supplier of these products to major supermarket, pharmaceutical and health food chains we have successfully advanced internationally. Export operations also extend to New Zealand and other countries.

With continuing research and development of quality cost effective and unique products the companies' future is exciting indeed!

The Body Crystal™ is made by Queen Perfumery Company, a division of Queen Fine Foods Pty Ltd ("Queen"). Queen has a long history of manufacturing and distributing cosmetics, perfumes, soaps, and lotions.

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